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TC on quality management /Current discussion
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Minutes of the meeting for establishment of the TC on quality management (TC 176)

Date: May 12, 2010
Location: State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent

1. F.Jafarov, J.Huseynov, D.Guliyev, S.Mammadov, L.Ismayilov, M.Gahramanov, I.Tamrazov, V.Atakishiyev - State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent;
2. Asif Amirsultanov - "Zygon Caspian Consalting" Ltd;
3. Shamo Muradov - "ICERT" MMC;
4. Aydin Aghayev - "Det-Norske Veritas AS" company;
5. Yuriy Gasanov, Ruslan Mammadov - "SGS" LLC;
6. Javidan Malikova - "Moody İnternational" Ltd:
7. Seymur Jafarov - "Azsertifika" LLC;
8. Abbas Guvalov - "Akkord Construction - Indsytry" OJSC;
9. Shahin Imanov - "GV" LLC.

Meeting purpose:
1. To give participants information about Technical Committee on Quality Management (TC 176);
2. To define main activity field of the TC;
3. To discuss organizational structure of the TC;
4. To give information about translation of international standards and their adoption as national standard.
- Opening the meeting, head of the accreditation department F. Jafarov welcomed the meeting participants and suggested them to express their opinions about the Statute of the TC;
- Representative of "Azsertifika" LLC Seymur Jafarov suggested modifications in some clauses of the TC statute;
- Chief advisor of accreditation department J. Huseynov gave his suggestion concerning important changes in the Statue of the Technical Committee on Quality Management;
- Representative of "Det-Norske Veritas AS" company A.Aghayev also stated the necessity of modifications in some clauses of the Statute;
- In his speech representative of "Akkord" JSC suggested the "Suggestion clause" to be defined by agreed time;
- Representative of "ZCC" company stated the importance of 3/2 but not 50 % participation in TC voting. He suggested consideration (discussion) of the nomination and dismissal of TC administration.


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