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Memorandum of Understanding

on the cooperation

between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the World Intellectual Property Organization

The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the World Intellectual Property Organization (hereinafter referred to as - WIPO) (hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”),    

Considering that the Republic of Azerbaijan is a member of WIPO and a party to several multilateral treaties administrated by WIPO,

Emphasizing the importance of bilateral cooperation in the field of intellectual property (IP);

Having regard to the intention of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan to further develop the existing legislation and technical infrastructure in the field of IP in order to ensure a better integration of the country into the global economy,

Having regard to the intention of WIPO to render assistance to the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan to achieve its goals in the field of IP,

Have decided to sign the following Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter referred to as the “MoU”):

1. Goals of the MoU

The goal of this MoU is develop cooperation and joint activities between WIPO and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan aimed at:

-          Elaborating and implementing the national IP strategy in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

-         Providing training in frame of WIPO Academy Professional Development Programs and IP related human resource development programs in order to enhance capacities of specialist in the field of IP;

-         Searching new models regarding organizing management of digital copyright and implementing its application;

-         Broadening the cooperation in the field of systematizing, identifıcation, registration and exchange of intangible cultural heritage including folklore expressions (traditional cultural expressions) and traditional knowledge;

-         Enhancing the capacity of universities and R&D institutions, business entities including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to use IP system;

-         Strengthening the system of enforcement of IP rights, including measures to fight against counterfeiting and piracy;

-    Developing innovation infrastructure, including establishing of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) and Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs);

-    Strengthening the measures for sustainable development of the creative economy, based on IP and increasing its share in GDP;

-    Organizing national and international scientific and practical conferences, symposiums and other events including experience exchange among specialists with participation of international experts.

-    Expanding legal awareness issues in the field of forming intellectual property culture including organizing dialogues and debates.

2. Activities

The Parties shall undertake a number of joint projects in IP field for the goals of the MoU. Any particular cooperation project shall be implemented upon mutual consent of the Parties and taking into consideration their budgetary and personnel limitations.

3. Participating organizations

Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall determine relevant government bodies and officials, legal entities, organizations and persons involved in implementation of cooperation projects in frame of this MoU for each certain condition.

4 Additions and amendments

Any additions and amendments may be made to this MoU by mutual consent of the Parties. Such additions and amendments shall be made in a form of separate Protocols being an integral part of this MoU and shall enter into force in accordance with the provisions of Article 6.

5 Dispute settlement

All disputes and disagreements concerning the interpretation or implementation of this MoU shall be resolved by negotiations and consultations between the Parties.

6 Final provisions

This MoU shall enter into force on the date of receipt by WIPO of the written notification, through diplomatic channels, confirming the completion of internal procedures of the Republic of Azerbaijan required for the entry into force of this MoU.

This MoU is concluded for an indefinite period and shall remain in force unless either of the Parties at least three months in advance notifies the other Party in writing through diplomatic channels of its intention to terminate this MoU.

Termination of this MoU shall not affect the contracts and projects agreed upon, launched and not completed during the duration of the present MoU.

Signed in Baku, on 14 May 2014, in Azerbaijani and English, each in two original copies, all texts being equally authentic. In case of divergence of interpretation of the provisions of this MoU, the English text shall prevail.




For the Government of

the Republic of Azerbaijan


   For the World Intellectual

      Property Organization







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