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Severe breach of the requirements of the standards has been detected in "Chinarli" restaurant located in Nasimi district, Baku city

Conformity to the standards of the services rendered in the "Chinarli" restaurant located at the address of Khan Shushinski 9 str., Nasimi district, Baku city owned by a natural person Yashar Hasanov was investigated by the State Control Service for Technical Regulation and Standardization under the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

It was found during the inspections that some dishes prepared a few days before were being reheated and offered to the customers at the restaurant. The sample of "lule" kebab prepared in the entity have been submitted to the laboratory of the Experimental – Testing Center of the Committee. As a result of tests implemented on the sample taken from the kebab the amount of general microorganisms and the microorganisms of coliform group detected to differ enough from the norm. Also, absence of any approved recipes for meal preparation, nonconformity in storage of food products (compatibility of products) in the refrigerator, and not state calibrated means of measurement have been detected in the entity. In addition, the certificate of different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks sold in the restaurant, as well as hygiene and conformity certificates of the products used in preparation of meals, the document confirming the veterinary examination of the animal meat, the test protocols of the dishes prepared in the entity, the documents confirming medical examination of the employees have not been presented for inspection.

An administrative report has been issued to the director of the restaurant related with these and other shortcomings found, and preparation and sale of products that do not meet the requirements of the standards are prohibited.