General information

The state policy in the field of the legal protection of industrial property objects in the Republic of Azerbaijan is carried out by the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its Patent Department.

Fields of activities and services are as follows:

  • receipt of applications on industrial property objects from the local and foreign, legal and natural persons, registration, carrying out state t examination and the issuance of the relevant protection documents;
  • carrying out state registration;
  • registration of the contracts on transfer of ownership rights of industrial property objects and the license agreements relating to the use of industrial property objects;
  • development of the legislative acts in the field of legal protection of industrial property objects, preparation of proposals on improvement of the state activity system;
  • carrying out the works on  improvement of the legislative and regulatory acts in the field of industrial property, analysis of  implementation of  experience of legislation in this field and the legislation in force within its competence and generalization, clarifying its provisions;
  • conduct of the national register of patent attorneys;
  • information maintenance on the industrial property protection and publishing activities, management of the data sources and development of its organizational and technical support system;
  • organization of assistance in completion of patent fund with a description of the national and foreign inventions, documents and literature about the other areas of industrial property and provision of its storage;
  • automatization of information search and technological processes and carrying out preparatory work on implementation of computerization measures;
  • preparation of the specialists in the field of industrial property and organization of qualification raising works;
  • rendering of services and carrying out the works in the field of establishment of industrial property objects, their legal protection and use;
  • implementation of cooperation with the relevant organizations of foreign countries and international organizations on the issues of the legal protection of industrial property objects and their use;
  • representing the Republic of Azerbaijan at the relevant international organizations, implementation of measures aimed at settlement of the obligations under international treaties and agreements of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • implementation of the measures on international cooperation, organization of study of foreign experience in the field of industrial property protection and its utilization;
    • organization of the workshops, conferences, exhibitions, formation of the bank of patent information, provision of the use of the standards of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the activity of the Patent Department, methodic assistance to legal and natural persons, provision of services on patent- information, consultation and other services;
    • preparation of measures to encourage the development of inventive and creative activity, development of the methodic recommendations and instructions relating to the commercialization of industrial property objects;
    • development of the state innovative programs of the State Committee and participation at their implementation and carrying out the examination of innovation projects.