Patent/Rules for submitting a claim application/Industrial design


The application for industrial design shall contain the following:

-author (authors) and legal and physical person (s) asked to grant patents, also application (special form) granting a patent by indication of the location or place of their residence;

-a detailed idea about the appearance of the product photo sets, model or drawings;
-the general appearance of the product drawings, ergonomic scheme, confection map if it is necessary to disclose the essence of the industrial design;
-description the essential features of the industrial design;
-document confirming payment of the amount of the fee specified in regard to the application;

-If the application is submitted by patent attorney or representative of applicant, power of attorney issued by the applicant shall be attached to the documents.


Application in the specified form must be complied in Azerbaijani.


The priority of industrial design shall be maintained according to the rules from the date of submission of the application prepared in accordance with the abovementioned, date of submission of additional documents to the Committee, date of receipt of previous application and application explaining the essence of the industrial design, date of submission of the first application to the State Party of Paris Convention, date of the official demonstration at the exhibition in the territory of a State Party of the Paris Convention.


The application shall relate to industrial design or group of industrial designs forming a unity among them.

When an industrial design that is expected to unity forms an important characteristic of the product and industrial design list
-a constructive solution to the entire product as an example of an industry-fiction, also considered information part of it.
-forming a creative idea and maintaining a product incorporates artistic and constructive solution relating to IDIO (Industrial design international organization), outward appearance of the product, one of the articles in the independent exploitation of the part (s) describing the industrial design group has been described in the visible appearance.
-forming a creative idea and maintain a product incorporates artistic and constructive solution relating to that class IDIO each of the solutions along with their own version of the product is determined by appearance, the main aesthetic solutions and product-options is conditional appearance (or not) with the ergonomic features of the industrial design group that has been described.


The description of industrial design shall disclose appearance of the photograph of the product must provide a written opening.
Description begins with the name of industrial design and maintains the following:

-Appointment and scope of industrial design;
-Analogue of industrial design (if it is identified);
-List of photographs and other materials submitted expressing industrial design;
-The essence of industrial design;

-The possibility of a large number of repeating of industrial design;
-List of important signs of industrial design;


The list of important features of the industrial design is requested to grant legal protection and legal adequately provides for the development of the totality that define the important symptoms. The important signs including in the list  shall be shown as the foreign appearance of the product in the static condition.

The list of important features of the industrial design as a rule, is composed of a distinctive part describing features coinciding with the closest analogue with the important signs of industrial design reflecting the industrial design, its appointment, as well as, features distinguishing industrial design reflecting the notion of generation from the closest analogue.

The list of important indications of unprecedented industrial design has not separated into restrictive and distinctive parts.


¾ front perspective view of the shape of the product, volume of industrial design petition the appearance of the product which allows creating a complete picture of the number of the product must be front left, right, behind, above.
It is sufficient for plane industrial designs.

In its appearance, the product set (collection) should be reflected along with all of the products in the photo. At the same time, each product included in the collection additionally shall be described by the photo. In particular, a new set of products (collection) cannot be described in full squad in one photo, and then the description of the set (collection) in the fragments is considered to be impossible.

Each product of industrial design must be submitted in a set of separate images of all the necessary forms.

The products that can be locked, collected (folding), change format etc. can be described opened and assembled.

The images of products must be correct, clear, without external items (objects) shall be submitted in a neutral background and shall allow identifying additional product appearance.

As a rule the photos shall submitted in 18x24 cm format, and other images in the A4 format. The products of non quite large dimensions, for example photos of jewelry shall be submitted in the size of 13x18 cm or 9x12cm.


The essence of materials of industrial design shall be submitted if there is a requirement for additions to the images of product and compiled as graphic materials (drawings, ergonomic schemes, images, etc.) confection maps, the original of product, or models and its parts.

The essence of materials of industrial design, determination of dimensions, external appearance of product or its elements in view of the size of drawings shall be submitted.

The ergonomic scheme of product shall be submitted if it is necessary to explain ergonomic features external appearance of the product submitted by the applicant.

If it is not possible to explain industrial design with images, drawings or scheme, at that time, the explanatory drawings shall be submitted. The drawings, schemes, and images shall be given in the text of description.