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The conference held with the theme of "Azerbaijan 2020: Looking into the future: creativity, intellectual property and innovative development" related to 26 April the World Intellectual Property Day

The conference with the theme of "Azerbaijan 2020: Looking into the future: creativity, intellectual property and innovative development" related to 26 April the World Intellectual Property Day and organized by the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent, the Copyright Agency and the National Academy of Sciences held in 24 April of this year.

Opening the Conference the chairman of the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent Ramiz Hasanov noted that as a result of the recent years’ particularly differing economic growth rates, the dynamic development of the local industry and trade the role of the intellectual property in the economy has increased. According to him, the potential of the intellectual property is becoming an important tool for economic development and makes a positive influence on the rapid economic development of Azerbaijan and investment flows. As a result of the legal state building established by the national leader Heydar Aliyev, the modern legal and regulatory framework was formed for protection and effective management of the intellectual property rights and as a result the regulation of the relationship between the owners of the exclusive rights over the new technologies was established, and all the necessary legal conditions were formed in order to apply a wide range of innovations in the industry, said Ramiz Hasanov. “The purposeful policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev services to the faster establishment of the efficient economy that is based on modern technology and human capital”, noted the chairman. According to the chairman, the economic importance of the intellectual property is undoubtful for the fast-growing economy of Azerbaijan. Ensuring the favorable conditions for the development of the science and society at the expense of the potential of the intellectual property, transformation of the intellectual property into a powerful tool in the development of the knowledge-based economy, support of the competitive economy and broadly use of the potential of the intellectual property for the development of information society are very important matters. 

The Chairman of the Committee talked about the appearance of the new approaches in this field, the main contents of the knowledge-based economy is the use of the scientific innovations in the business environment, commercialization of the high-tech, and that an active participation of the inventors in the business environment are challenges of the modern days.

In his speech, the President of the National Academy of Sciences Akif Alizadeh spoke about the opportunities of increasing the competitiveness of the economies of the countries in the global and regional level by promoting the fields preferable for specialization in the international markets, production technology, developing the potential of the innovation and thus, high value-added sectors. At this time it is required to foresee the results of the activities carried out by the scientific – research organizations and institutions and predict their application opportunity in the industry. The necessity why the inventors should have these features is to stir up interest in commercial organizations to make a profit eventually by obtaining and using the rights and the intellectual property objects producing of goods, business and services.

The Chairman of the Copyright Agency Kamran Imanov noted that the intellectual property rights are key factors stipulating the development of healthy competition and trade.

The Executive Director of the Science Development Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elchin Babayev, Deputy Minister of Education Jeyhun Bayramov, first Deputy Minister of Communications and High-tech Iltimas Mammadov and deputy director of the Patent department of the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent Emil Mammadov presented their lectures too in the conference. It was informed that the Republican Contest for achievements in the field of inventiveness is held every year in our country by the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent. Last year in the framework of the "Year of Industry" the I Republican Intellectual Property and Innovation Exhibition was organized for the first time. Also, various promotional projects and events are organized by the Committee's Center for Examination of Industrial Property Objects. However, the need for improvement of the mechanisms of commercialization of the intellectual property objects and innovations in order to ensure the development of an innovative economy was highlighted.



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