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Technical Committee on Quality Management/Statute
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TC 07 Statute of the Technical Committee on Quality Management

1. Scope
This statute establishes the order of organization and main functions of Technical Committee on Quality Management (hereinafter called TC), requirements to the secretariat, chairman, executive secretary and members of the TC, as well as the procedure for registration and control of TC activity by the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent.

2. Normative references
This statute is based on standard AZS 1.1-2009 "Technical committees on standardization. Guidelines of creation and actions"

3. Terms, definitions and abbreviations

3.1 Following terms and definitions are used in this statute:
3.1.1Technical Committee (on standardization); TC: is defined by national standardization body as a voluntary form of cooperation between legal entities and natural persons aimed at organization and performance of the works in the field of national, regional and international standardization of assigned standardization objects or fields of activity.
Note: On equality and voluntary basis TC on standardization can also include representatives of local executive power authorities, scientific organizations, Public Unions of Entrepreneurship and Production, commercial and non-commercial organizations.
3.1.2 Secretariat (of TC): division (group of persons) responsibility of which is defined by national standardization and which deals with the technical and organizational issues within the TC.
3.2 Following abbreviations are used in this statute

ISO - International Organization for Standardization
PDN - Program for the Development of National Standards
TC - Technical Committee
SC - Subcommittee
WG - Working Group


4. Content and structure of TC statute
4.1.1 Technical Committee on quality management (hereinafter called TC) is the union of representatives from interested enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organizations and it is established on voluntary basis in order to organize and implement the works of regional, national and international standardization in the field of quality management as consistent with the order no. 063, dated 06.04.2010 of the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter called SCSMP).
4.1.2 Composition and structure of TC is approved by SCSMP.
4.1.3 TC membership is voluntary.
4.1.4 TC bases its activity on efficient legislation and regulatory acts. These are the law on standardization of the Republic of Azerbaijan, international treaties and agreements, to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a signatory, standards of the national standardization system of the Republic of Azerbaijan, national standard of the Republic of Azerbaijan AZS 1.1-2009 "Technical committees on standardization. Guidelines of creation and actions", international and intergovernmental standards, other regulatory documents approved by national standardization body and this statute.
4.1.5 Organizations member to TC shall give following information to the secretariat:
- legal and postal address;
- form of the organization;
- first, family and patronymic name of the chief;
- first, family and patronymic name, phone and fax number, email address of the authorized representative;
- information about the specialty of the experts involved in TC activity by member organization.
4.1.6 Representative of TC member organization: Organization participates in TC work with the help of its authorized representative and undertakes all expenditures related to this activity. Relationship between secretariat and the organization is realized through authorized representative. He receives all the information sent by secretariat, bears the responsibility for delivering all the documents intended for next meeting to the employees of the organization and to secretariat in time, participates in meetings on behalf of the organization and votes. In order to participate in solution of the issues discussed in TC meetings, the authorized representative shall have the letter of attorney of TC approved by the administration of the organization.
4.1.7 Delegation of a member organization can be a participant of TC meetings as well. In this case a person is assigned by the organization for voting.
4.1.8 TC member organizations shall inform TC secretariat within 5 days in case of the change of the authorized representative or requisites.
4.1.9 Organizational supervision over TC activity, the control and coordination between them is realized by SCSMP.
4.1.10 TC work is headed by the chairman of TC, approved by SCSMP.
4.1.11 TC chairman is discharged as advised by SCSMP.
4.1.12 For the solution of special issues within TC it is possible to establish TC subcommittees or working groups, the chiefs of which are appointed by TC chairman.
4.1.13 For correspondences, TC has its own form sheets with relevant requisites. The right of signing under official letters in form sheets is hold by TC chairman, deputy chairman and executive secretary.

5 Duties of the TC
- within the limits of its power, to organize the development and examination of draft standards and regulatory documents governing the field of quality management and to present them to the national body of standardization;
- Guided by international experience, to develop annual and long-term plans on standardization ;
- to give suggestions for the development, review, modification, and repeal of relevant national standards on the base of international standards, norms and recommendations in the field of quality management and within the limits of its power to carry out the works towards their implementation;
- to prepare reasonable suggestions for the adoption or refusal of draft national standards;
- within the limits of its power, to take measures for the expansion of the countrywide application of national, international (regional) and intergovernmental standards in the field of quality management;
- to cooperate in due order with international (regional), intergovernmental TCs as well as the TCs of other countries;
- to establish mutual relations and cooperate with the users of standards on quality management as well as the international (regional) and national certification bodies specialized in the certification of products (services) related to the field.
- in the frame of defined procedural order, to participate in the development of international (regional) and intergovernmental draft standards in the field of food stuff; if required or granted with relevant authority to prepare suggestions reflecting the standpoint of the Republic of Azerbaijan during the voting on international (regional) and intergovernmental draft standards;
- to prepare suggestions for the inclusion into the work plans and programs of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the technical bodies for quality management field;
--within the limits of its power to implement other duties as provided by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
- to participate in the preparation of the PDN for assigned scope of activities.
6 Field of Activity of TC
6.1 As consistent with the duties defined by this Statute, TC performs the following functions:
6.1.1 to prepare suggestions for developing plans and technical regulations in the field of standardization as well as the related to them national standards, for making addition and modifications to the existing standards and for their repeal; to present the suggestions to SCSMP;
6.1.2 to provide the development and confirmation of draft standards in the field of food stuff in accordance with the annual plan, and to carry out relevant works for their approval;
6.1.3 to provide the adjustment of quality management standards to international, regional standards as well as to the national standards of the countries, which are more -advanced in this field;
6.1.4 to cooperate with working bodies functioning in related activity fields and with relevant Technical Committees of other states;
6.1.5 to organize the translation of regulatory documents necessary for using in the field;
6.2 In accordance with its filed of activity, TC realizes the following functions in the field of international (regional) and intergovernmental standardization:
6.2.1 As consistent with the order defined by SCSMP, to participate in the work of relevant international (regional) and intergovernmental Technical Committees on standardization; to keep up correspondences with other Technical Committees either independently or through SCSMP; to keep up correspondences with ISO and other international and regional standardization organizations through SCSMP;
6.2.2 to provide the interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan by participating in the works of other international and regional standardization organizations with regard to the development of international and regional standards;
6.2.3 if necessary to prepare suggestions reflecting the standpoint of the Republic of Azerbaijan for taking votes on draft international (regional) and intergovernmental standards;
6.2.4 to participate in the organization of meetings of international and regional standardization organization in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
6.3 TC chairman implements following functions:
6.3.1 to lead TC by organizing the work of the TC, subcommittee and working groups;
6.3.2 to conduct the working meetings of TC;
6.3.3 to organize the implementation of annual and long-term plans of the TC;
6.3.4 to organize the submittal of draft regulatory documents for development, examination, confirmation and approval;
6.3.5 to organize the preparation of reports related to TC activity;
6.3.6 to involve experts and specialists in TC work;
6.3.7 to supervise the implementation of TC decisions;
6.3.8 to present TC in state, public and international organizations;
6.3.9 to grant to the deputy chairman the authority of representation as well as the functions of chairman in case of his own absence;
6.3.10 to give information to mass media about standardization in the field of quality management ;
6.3.11 if necessary to raise question about the activities of the representatives of TC member organizations before the organization they belong to;
6.4 Deputy chairman realizes the tasks and competences granted to him by the chairman and participates in the organization of the TC work.
6.5 Executive secretary of the TC fulfills the following functions:
6.5.1 to provide the organization and holding of TC meetings;
6.5.2 to prepare the work program of TC, draft standards and other draft regulatory documents in the field of standardization for consideration, confirmation and approval;
6.5.3 to coordinate the work of the working groups and subcommittees included into TC;
6.5.4 to supervise the implementation of the works of annual and long-term plans;
6.5.5 to prepare draft decisions of TC;
6.5.6 to check the conformity of the materials and draft documents addressed to TC with the defined rules and requirements;
6.5.7 to keep terms with TC member organizations;
6.5.8 to carry out the clerical work of the TC;
6.5.9 to prepare the minutes of TC meetings;
6.5.10 to provide the preparation of reports on TC activity at the end of every year and their delivery to member organizations and SCSMP;
6.6 Authorized representatives of TC member organizations fulfill the following tasks:
6.6.1 to participate in discussions and development of plans defining the priorities and perspective of standardization in the field of quality management;
6.6.2 to participate in the implementation of the approved plans;
6.6.3 to observe to the Statute of the TC and to participate in TC meetings;
6.6.4 to keep contact with the executive secretary of the TC and to comment on draft standards in due course;
6.6.5 to give suggestions about TC activity;
TC meetings
7.1 The chairman appoints the date, duration, location and agenda of meetings;
7.2 Meetings are open and held under the leadership of the chairman or the person acting as a substitute to him. The duty of the person running the meeting is to provide every participant with the right of expression.
7.3 Quorum for holding meetings is 2/3 of active roll (in accordance with the list of TC).
7.4 Secretariat informs the members about the date and location of the meeting and sends them the agenda and set of drafts to be considered during the meeting (or publishes on the website of the TC) not less than 10 days before the start of the meeting.
7.4.1 TC decisions are made by means of voting during meetings.
7.4.2 Decision about any issue can be made by letter ballot (also by e-voting), but in case a TC member speaks in favor of considering an issue in meeting, the secretariat shall include it into the agenda of the nearest meeting.
7.4.3 In order to participate in the meeting, the TC member sends its authorized representative or forms a delegation and appoints the head of the delegation with the right to vote in the name of the organization.
7.4.4 Regardless of the number of the members of the delegation every member organization of the TC enjoys the right of one vote only.
7.4.5 Minutes are recorded during the meeting. Date, location and agenda of the meeting, participating and represented organizations, the issues put to voting, voting results and made decisions are noted in the minutes. The minutes are signed by the person conducting the meeting and the secretary of the meeting.
7.4.6 Examination results of draft standards are discussed in meetings. Taking the results into consideration, TC prepares a justified suggestion for the acceptance or rejection of the draft national standard.
7.4.7 Decisions about draft standards are deemed to be accepted, if more than 50 % of the active roll of TC has voted.
7.4.8 Majority of votes of participating TC member organizations is sufficient in the solution of formal issues with the exception of the change in the composition of the TC.
7.4.9 Organizations which are not member to TC can participate in the discussion of all issues included into the agenda of the meeting, but they don't have the right of voting during decision making.
7.4.10 Membership fee is not required from any of the organization participating in the meeting;
7.4.11 Minutes of the meeting are sent to all TC members.

8 Rights of the TC
8.1 TC enjoys the following rights for the realization of its functions and tasks:
8.1.1 to give SCSMP suggestions for the improvement of technical, normative and legal acts developed in the process of technical regulation;
8.1.2 to apply to SCSMP with regard to standardization and technical issues;
8.1.3 to participate in due order in the work of the technical bodies of international (regional) and intergovernmental standardization organizations;
8.1.4 in due order, to involve the entities of technical regulation and individual specialists in the works carried out by TC;
8.2 TC member enjoys the right to participate in all works of the TC:
8.2.1 to participate in TC meetings;
8.2.2 to participate in national, international and intergovernmental standardization works carried out by the TC;
8.2.3 to obtain the draft standards being examined by the TC for consideration and to comment on them;
8.2.4 during TC meetings, to participate in the discussion of national, intergovernmental and international draft standards and to vote in the process of the adoption of relevant decisions;
8.2.5 to give suggestions for the improvement of TC activity;
8.2.6 to receive informational materials from the Secretariat.

8.3 Appeal
Appeal can be filed to the national standardization body by any legal entity or natural person with regard to the following:
- Decisions made by TC;
- Activity of the secretariat of TC;

8.4 Rules for changing the structure and composition of the TC.

8.4.1 Main term of TC membership: activity of the organization shall be in line with the activity of the TC.

8.4.2 New member to TC is accepted on the basis of the written application and participation of the candidate organization in the meeting and after consideration of this issue in the meeting.

8.4.3 Candidate organization can be elected a member to the TC with the votes of more than 50 % of TC members.

8.4.4 TC membership is terminated:
- in case of voluntary quitting of the member organization.
- in the event of dismissal from membership by the TC.
TC members are dismissed from membership:
- in case of failure to participate regularly in the work of the TC;
- in case of failure to observe to the decisions of TC meetings;
- in case of discrediting the targets and interests of national standardization.

8.4.5 Member organization is dismissed from membership with the votes of more than 50 % of TC members.

Rules for cancellation and re-establishment of the TC.
8.5.1 TC can be cancelled or re-established by decision in TC meeting or national standardization body.

Financing the work of TC secretariat
Organization maintaining the secretariat of the Technical Committee bears the responsibility for financing the work.
9.2 Financing of the TC is realized by:
- resources received from the sale of the standards developed by the TC;
- resources allocated for the development of normative and guideline documents;
- resources of the interested organizations;
- other recourses.


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